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How we built and launched an InsurTech MVP in 12 weeks

Everyday Life Insurance

Jake Tamarkin, the CEO and co-founder of Everyday Life Insurance, has a vision for a world where financial expertise is universally accessible, where access to the right consultative tools is not limited to those already at the top, and where financial products are tailored and individualized to a specific family’s needs.

Jake is building this vision, first within the life insurance category. By democratizing best-in-class financial expertise, and combining it with a human, intuitive, and thoughtful digital experience, he hypothesized that he could arm families of all different budgets with the confidence and knowledge to make the right coverage purchasing decision, even if the right decision was no purchase at all.


Jake came to our team to define, design, and launch a minimally viable digital experience to validate some of the team’s largest assumptions.


In a matter of weeks, we collaboratively unpacked the team’s founding vision and turned it into a low fidelity prototype that we brought into our ethnographic, field research with the hypothesized target market. This research allowed us to learn more about potential customers: their motivations, their goals, their fears, and how they think about financially protecting themselves and their families.

Low fidelity customer experience wireframes we brought into our early research process

With feedback and inspiration from the field research, we iterated on the prototype to build an MVP digital experience that combined two things: 1) the simplicity and ease everyday life strives to provide its users and 2) a robust financial engine that powers its unique value proposition and cost savings.

High fidelity software mock-ups we used to build the MVP after incorporating customer feedback


In just twelve weeks, we launched the everyday life MVP recommendation engine into the market. Jake and Dipali actively attracted users to the platform for feedback in order to iterate further. They rode the momentum of their early product launch into the DCU FinTech Innovation Center and the Global Insurance Accelerator, emerging with an evolved business design and an insurance carrier partner, Legal & General, excited to collaborate on furthering the everyday life in-market vision.

Our final recommendation and advice customer experience

They have since raised over $2M in venture funding.

We are grateful to have partnered with the everyday life team to help bring this partnership to life via an evolution and extension of their existing digital platform. Together, we improved upon current features based on user feedback, improved ease of use, added more intuitive data visualizations, and developed an insurance carrier integration to further deliver on the everyday life promise for its customers. This partnership was recently made public, and we are thrilled and grateful to have been a small part of this effort.

“Stepwise really made the difference for us. They led us through a design and development process that kept our customer at the center while staying true to our vision and strategy. The market response has been tremendous and they deserve all the credit. “
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