Know your customer.

Download the Field Guide to Customer Research to learn how to plan, execute, and synthesize customer research in the field.

Go from problem to product - fast

The StepCraft Guide walks you through the six phases of going from bringing an innovative idea to life in just four months. Stop spinning your wheels and take action today.

Learn how to identify innovation opportunities
Move fast in a corporate environment
Earn internal funding and start building


A Field Guide to Consumer Research

Learn how to quickly prepare, execute, and synthesize customer research to accelerate your new product discovery efforts.

Stepwise Corporate Innovation Readiness Assessment
Innovation Readiness Assessment

Identify and get ahead of the pitfalls that slow down most corporate innovation teams.

A Step-by-Step Guide: From Idea to Experiment

Keep momentum on your new product concept by prioritizing and generating experiments to gather go/no-go evidence quickly.


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