The Stepwise Approach

We leverage a new product discovery and design process that helps you achieve structure, speed, and success.

Luke Fraser
September 30, 2022

We help non-digital companies identify and develop new digital products and ventures. As a result, the companies we work with go from net zero to new product - fast and successfully.

Our process leverages, remixes, and combines the most successful venture tools with many of our own to ensure they’re of maximum impact within a corporate environment. 

We brings teams through the following phases of work: 


What makes our process different?

  • It’s built for corporate innovation. We are built upon proven product methodologies, but are built specifically for the unique needs of the corporate environment. 
  • It’s step-by-step and transparent. We don’t rely on magic or mystery. Our process, logic, and tools are easy to understand and entirely open source so your team is successful long after we meet. 
  • It focuses on speed to evidence and data. You find out early if something is going to work or if you need to pivot, all while building a strong case to share with leadership. 
  • It’s designed for external and internal customers. Most innovation processes ignore internal customers entirely or treat them as an afterthought. We apply the same empathy and rapid prototyping methodologies to your internal customers from the start to increase your success down the road.

Stay tuned for more updates over the coming months. If you'd like to connect, grab some time here.


Luke Fraser

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